Back At It

Hello, this is Ruzanna. And yes, I wrote the ‘Hantu Lendu’ post.

So far, two books have been made out of it – Penghuni and Lendu. Kudos to the authors for getting published! I’ve yet to read either of those books but I hear they’re getting good responses.

Anyway, for the past 4 years, I have been blogging on the down low. After that post got so much attention (and also after getting harassed by strangers on the internet and my university officials), I decided to keep everything private; posting for myself and close friends only.

I kind of missed blogging on a larger scale though. But everything is so different now. People used to do it for fun – to update their friends and to post about their travels or daily thoughts and whatnot. But now, with microblogging sites and people’s growing interest in vlogging, you can see why there’s a decline on the usage of actual blogging platforms.

I don’t blame the authors for abandoning it, though. As a writer, having being read is already in itself a pleasure, but not a lot of people read blogs these days. Some bloggers would say that the reason they write is to get their thoughts out there, with no expectations of who comes to read or not. But trust me, looking at the Stats widget and seeing the numbers rise? That’s a good feeling.

A lot of people post quality content on Twitter. They use threads. And every time I read these threads I think to myself, ‘This really could have been a blog post. This person should start blogging’. And then I think, ‘Nah, people wouldn’t read a post that long’. So here’s my theory: people like to read short sentences, one by one. Not much different from blogging, to be honest? But when people visit blogs, they can see paragraphs, and I guess it’s an instant turn-off?

It’s not a surprise, really. The majority of people on Twitter read headlines and never bother to tap on the article link. Why? Because it’s short. The same mechanism as a thread. Short sentences, one by one. The same way a blog or an article is written, but why not read blogs or articles? Because they can see paragraphs. It’s all in the mind.

I don’t know if you get what I’m saying but I hope you do. I haven’t been blogging for the masses in long time. It’s difficult to filter out my words to make them public-friendly. But I’ll try.

So here I am. Back at it. I’ll update often, I promise. I’ve so much to tell you.

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